Underfloor Heating

Here at Swipe Right Builds we offer the two main types of underfloor heating, electric underfloor heating, which is sometimes known as a dry system, and hydronic underfloor heating, which is also known as a wet system. Dry and wet underfloor heating systems are similar, both having their own pros and cons.

If you’re considering floor heating as part of an upcoming home project, we understand you may have questions and concerns about whether this is the right heating solution for you. Below we have included some Pros and Cone when it comes to deciding whether underfloor heating is for you.


  • The increased energy-efficiency of UFH

  • The low maintenance of Warmup’s heating systems

  • The freedom of design and adaptability of floor heaters

  • The safety and ease of installation


  • The costs involved

  • The impact on floor heights

If you have any questions or query's feel free to contact us for professional advice.